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2/25/07 12:07 am - becs1024 - Shazam!

This was seriously random for me, so I hope it fits in here.

Last weekend, I innocently picked up Trials of Shazam #5 at my friendly neighborhood comics shop and was shocked to open to the first page and find the following panel.

Who knew Captain Marvel likes persnickety detectives?Collapse )

2/19/07 08:26 pm - alicia_jo - How slutty are Veronica Mars characters?

FindCollapse )

2/12/07 08:42 pm - shangri__la - Season Three....You're On Notice!

I'm sure we all know what this is about. For those not in the know, the ON NOTICE board explanation (according to Wiki): "Colbert will occasionally bring out "the big boards", which consist of two boards listing groups, individuals, historical periods, animals, objects, etc. that he finds objectionable. One of these boards is called "On Notice" [...]"

We all have our problems with Season Three, some more than others, some less than others.

Well, to get some aggression out, let's put all of our Season Three (or season two, or one, or just general VM) problems ON NOTICE. Simply go HERE, make your own board, and post it as a reply to this post.

Let's see how many times we can bitch about the same ol' thing (or, y'know, not)! ;)

The only thing I ask is that you keep it civil, and keep it within the realms of the show, capiche? Let's have fun!

Season Three...You're ON NOTICE!Collapse )

1/10/07 08:40 pm - cosmicviolet - For the detective who has everything...

I don't know how random this is, but I saw it in the paper yesterday and thought, "That's just what Veronica needs!"

Zap a mugger in style
"Now you can get a Taser gun that matches your iPod. Taser International
inc., the company behind the handheld electric guns - capable of delivering a jolt of electricity that incapacitates a person for about one minute - rolled out a whole line of new personal use Tasers called the C2 Personal Protector. The new guns easily fit into a purse or handbag and will be made available in the US in April for $300."
-Associated Press

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12/27/06 10:24 am - moose_goose - Trivia from IMDB.com

Amanda Noret , the actress who plays Madison Sinclair, is the real-life cousin of the real Shelly Promroy.
There is also an interview with Rob about Shelly found
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12/23/06 07:28 am - supehsunny - Little Ronnie being indecent while being very indecent

I see London, I see France...Collapse )

12/19/06 12:02 pm - puppetoflove - Step one: Cut a hole in the box.

This Christmas, Logan knows just what to get Veronica.

Ho ho . . . oh, no.Collapse )

12/17/06 10:20 pm - concise

I bet if I completely desired, I could get a all of my icons to be of Veronica's hair. (i,e; the ponytail, down, pinned back).

Yup, this just occured to me and it's very random.

Now, to do it or not to do it...

12/13/06 05:48 pm - concise - Kristen Bell !Facial Expressions! Picspammie.

Kristen Bell !Facial Expressions! Picspammie

Because it's just so fun.

xposted so much. you'll hate me. but you want to me. :)

(I beckon you this way...)

11/30/06 03:59 am - colorbox - Logan Season Two PicSpam

Logan Season Two PicSpam
over at my journal


if you like the first one, this one is better!
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